At Insite Motion Media, we are focused on being the premier provider of video content for company web sites. We are a group of business and media professionals bringing a level of expertise that includes video production, media, both visual and audio as well as marketing and communication. We came together to seize upon the rising adoption of video online and lack of affordable options. Video Production is not a young industry however, current alternatives are focused on large, mechanical projects or major budget pieces. As a new company we’ve structured ourselves from the outset to be lean and provide a level of quality and price unmatched by any other. We don’t reside in large studios and we aren’t interested in making films, rather we’re equipped to offer the highest quality HD video production available for the web and we’ve wrapped our video with hosting technologies that provide great performance to our clients. We also offer the back-end analytics and engagement tracking technology that we know organizational decision makers now expect for their marketing efforts.

Our approach towards pricing is unique in that we’ll tell you comfortably that a typical project designed for use online costs between $2,000 and $2,500 on average. We understand that you need information to make informed decisions and while current alternatives will demand a budget when the price discussion is raised, we offer this typical cost as a good baseline to help you with your search process. We understand the challenges you face in trying to decide on a video strategy, that’s why we approach every project with a focus on understanding what it is that you do and help you develop a video strategy that will provide the best possible opportunity for ROI using video. There is no one right way to go about creating video for your site or how to market it but that’s why we’re here to help you understand the different options available and why some may be good and others not so much. We spend a lot of our time tapped in to what is going on in the world of online video and are eager to pass what we’ve learned on to you.

Contact us today; we’d love to chat about your ideas and learn what you’re hoping to do with video.

Aaron Ashworth
Insite Motion Media