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You Want 20 Ways… We Got ‘Em!

March 9th, 2011 | Uncategorized

The awesome team of contributors that make up ReelSeo have created another useful video marketing guide. This list separates 20 "video solutions" into 6 main "marketing needs" that all companies large and small can identify with. Here at Insite we thought that it would interesting to show how our services fulfill these needs, while also showing how some of our clients are using video to interact with their communities. Here are just a few examples that fall in line with Reelseo's 20 ways.

Highlighting Your Agency, it’s Mission, and Culture

  • 1. Company Profiles – A company profile video can serve as a great introduction to your business. It’s an overview about your business – your solutions, your marketing, your industry, your history, and your culture.
  • 2. Staff Profiles – Everyone at your company could have a story to tell that’s interesting, both professional and personal. Find the people who come across naturally on video and have notable (positive) personalities, and just let them talk about what they’re passionate about.
  • 3. Tours & Company Culture – Let people see the insides of where you work. People expect at least some aspects of an Internet marketing agency to be fun and exciting; or at least more interesting by comparison to what they do, typically.
  • 4. Have a Good Time – A video featuring a creative performance by your own staff is a great way to showcase your company’s culture and promote your business without having viewers feel like they’re being advertised to.
  • 5. Virtual Spokesperson – be REAL careful about this. It can be creative to have a video of a person explaining what their site is about with a 3-D feel; but too many agencies do an automated playback with the audio, which some (like myself), will find to be intrusive and annoying. You can read more about this in my earlier article, “Virtual Spokespersons and Video Spokesmodels.”
  • 6. Community Outreach & Community Service – What causes is your agency involved in?  Consider including video on your website that shows you’re not just about money and fame, but also philanthropy and cause.  Again, harness the use of video to showcase your agency’s passions.
  • Client: CocoMama Foods

    Here, Sara and Zack are putting a face to the name, showing how and why their company and product serves their community. These videos give the viewer a sense of who you are, what you do, and why you do it. They show your clients the real approachable you!

    Showcasing Solutions, Services & Success

  • 7. Case Studies – Take your prospective clients through an entire project – from the brainstorm and planning stages to the end product. Get some videos of the people working on it throughout the course of the project, so you have yourself a “mini-documentary” to share.
  • 8. Testimonials – client video testimonials make for a great way to showcase your company’s marketing achievements. Also, you can also give video testimonials of other businesses and people, too!
  • Customer Support

  • 9. Client Support / FAQs – Having the most common and important questions answered via video is a great way for clients to retain information, and it shows them you’re willing to show an extra effort beyond a text response.
  • 10. Training – Do you have clients who need help with the solution you offer? A training video or video series is a great way to educate your clients and let them learn at their own pace in a visually-rich and interactive format.
  • Thought Leadership & Industry Expertise

  • 11. How To’s & Tips – audiences find it invaluable when you’re willing to share your expertise with any do-it-yourself tips, and they’re likely to get noticed by industry professionals as well as provide search exposure for potential clients that may be searching for how-to content related to the services you provide.
  • 12. Interviews – David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, along with Steve Garfield, author of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business, say that video interviews are one of the simplest and fastest ways to put together a piece that elicits a social response. Internet marketing agencies can create video interviews with fellow Internet marketing professionals, vendors, thought leaders and key influencers in a subject matter of interest to their clients; and they can even interview their own clients and staff.
  • 13. Industry News & Commentary – successful marketing sometimes depends on the ability to act in real time. An increasing number of businesses are learning to respond to breaking news with real-time information and commentary, all in video. Consider using video to offer commentary on relevant  news, and have that posted on your company blog and social networking sites. This showcases your company’s responsiveness and industry awareness, which clients will react to positively.
  • 14. Reviews – Is there certain software, hardware, equipment, or business solutions that your company has first-hand experience with and can objectively comment on?  Companies like Zappos have video reviews of their products featuring their own employees. Instead of having a scripted actor, you may want someone who knows the product more intimately.
  • Client: Growth Spark

    In this video from a presentation at The Boston Design Center, Ross of Growth Spark is teaching techniques that one can immediately implement to boost their web marketing strategies. These "How To's & Tips" are extremely useful to the viewer and demonstrate authority in field.

    Business Development & Client Acquisition

  • 15. Presentations – When you give a presentations in-house, at a conference, or for business development, consider a video presentation to better showcase information in an informative and enthusiastic way.
  • 16. Sales Email Insights – Have you ever sent out an email to a potential prospect and wondered about their response?  If you use video in your sales efforts via email, you can track how much of the video the potential client watches, whether they have paused the video at a certain point that may be of specific interest to them, and you may even be able to learn about where your pitch went wrong or became boring based off where their viewer abandoned the video.  Obviously there are other ways that you can use video within email marketing communications as well.
  • Internal & External Communication

  • 17. Event Participation – Anytime your company or an employee is either presenting or attending a marketing-related event (or even an event that would be of interest to your audience), capture not just an activity at the event, but also the people associated with your company, sharing their own experience of the event.
  • 18. Thank You’s – can be used for client appreciation, or as an award or acknowledgement to vendors that go out of their way to make certain your needs are met.
  • 19. Announcements – what’s coming up on your calendar that people should know about? Will you be at a public event where you can meet clients and prospects (or general audiences that follow your company and your industry)?  Perhaps you have a new offering that you want to inform your customers of.  Consider a quick video announcement and leverage email marketing with video to directly inform those who may be interested.
  • 20. Video Blogging (Vlogging) – The Social Media Examiner reported that blogs are the #1 social media tool for doing business today. Not only can your videos be easily embedded in your blog around related text content, but it’s also possible to generate text content right from your own video for the blog post itself.
  • Client: Kurlan & Associates


    Here, Dave Kurlan is presenting to a room full of prospects at an Executive Luncheon at Bentley University. This video is used to reach a far wider audience than those able to attend on that specific day and location. The video also incorporates his power point presentation in a creative and innovative way.

    To read more visit http://www.reelseo.com/internet-marketing-video/ for even more visit http://www.reelseo.com/42-ways-online-video-business/

    Small Businesses are finding more opportunity in online marketing

    February 4th, 2011 | Uncategorized

    As reported by Jeremy Scott, founder and Creative Director of The Viral Orchard in a recent Reel SEO post, Webvisable has released their Q4 findings on the state of online marketing. While there are many things to take away from the report (view report here) the greatest in my opinion is the movement in the small business community toward the utilization of web video, especially on landing pages. Small Businesses tend to be particularly cautious with spending and the news that these small businesses are increasingly adopting video shows that awareness of the value proposition video provides is growing. According to Webvisable, 26% of small business advertisers use video on their home page which is up 73% from just one year ago. Video now accounts for 7% of all landing page behavior (engagement), up 85% from one year prior; as the trend of video engagement continues to rise, so will the need for quality video content in the small business world. More...

    Things To Consider Before Posting Video To Youtube

    September 28th, 2010 | Uncategorized

    I recently read a good article about things to consider when posting content to youtube. The article approaches these considerations through the lens of "Corporate Video" but the concepts certainly apply to all content. This post is not to say that youtube should be avoided, it is merely to educate and bring to light certain aspects of video hosting that are unclear, unfamiliar, or unknown altogether. Here are a few interesting considerations.

    4 ) Search Cannibalization
    There are many theories online that talk about YouTube videos cannibalizing your regular online search results. These theories state that by posting your videos on YouTube, you may be driving traffic to YouTube as opposed to your corporate website. There are plenty of arguments both for and against this theory. We recommend you do some research and come to your own conclusion.

    5 ) Competitor Videos
    YouTube allows for other videos to be related to yours. This feature can be beneficial or detrimental depending on what the related videos are. If the related videos are from a weak competitor, it may be beneficial to your business. But if the related videos are from a strong competitor, it may be detrimental. YouTube does have an option to turn off related videos, but you’ll need to pay a fee.

    8 ) Competitor Advertisements
    Similar to the related videos, your competitors can buy ads that will show up when people search for your videos. Again, you can avoid this from happening, but it will cost you.

    Read the full article at http://zoomu.zoomwebvideo.com/index.php/2010/09/15-things-to-consider-before-posting-a-corporate-video-on-youtube/