Insite Motion Media Complete San-tron Project for Strand Marketing

July 16th, 2010 | Company News

Insite Motion Media (IMM) recently completed a product demonstration and company overview video for partner Web Design and Marketing firm, Strand Marketing. Strand Marketing is a Newburyport, MA based firm who have utilized Insite Motion Media numerous times to deliver high quality HD video for their clients. Strand Marketing reached out to Insite Motion Media to create a video piece that could be implemented into the new web site they were building for their client San-tron, Inc. The project was designed to allow Director Engineering , Fred Hull an intimate opportunity to speak directly to site visitors and explain new designs. By looking beyond still pictures and text to describe their products Strand Marketing created a straight forward and honest communication of San-tron’s products. According to Dave Strand, Founder and President of Strand Marketing, “This will build credibility and trust with potential clients that San-tron is an innovative team that has a strong core engineering team, and vision.”

In addition to the obvious branding benefits the video brought San-tron, there is more to the ROI. Because the video is also educational it will move prospects forward in their purchasing decision process. By offering potential clients this information in an honest and intimate fashion, they can expect that leads acquired online will be warm by the time they reachSan-tron’s sales team. The organization can also be sure that every potential client visiting the site will receive exactly the same message each and every time.  This effective communication will ensure greater lead conversion and ultimately a more efficient online sales process.

Strand Marketing and Insite Motion Media have been collaborating over the lat 12 months on other projects such as: and . "We have been nimble in our production and efficient in our delivery, ensuring Strand Marketing's client agency’s desired brand story is translated effectively through video . Examples of these projects and more can be found in our Portfolio page. We successfully operate as a “tool in the toolbox” for any web design, advertising or marketing agency that seeks the ability to offer high quality video online." - (Damian Gray, Director of Business Development, Insite Motion Media) According to Strand, “Insite Motion Media has given us everything we’ve asked for and more, bringing great insight to every project.”

If your  organization has a client you would like to offer the benefits of video to, Contact Insite Motion Media today; we’d love to discuss how we can help.

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