Insite Motion Media Complete Video for Babson College’s Summer Venture Program

July 30th, 2010 | Company News

For the last ten weeks, Insite Motion Media has been working with Babson College's Incubator, the Summer Venture Program, to create a video that would let viewers see what goes on inside this highly competitive environment of Entrepreneurship. The Summer Venture Program is an intensive ten-week program at the Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship that selects the top Entrepreneurial students from the college and provides office space and mentoring for each participant. The result is a community of Babson's brightest working together to solve the challenges of starting a business and either grow ideas into a business or scale-up one that already exists. The task of capturing all of the depth and complexity of the program was great and since important things were happening every day, Insite Motion Media was on location for several days to capture the necessary content for what would become the final video.

Since this was a program that was entirely about the Entrepreneurial community at the Program, Insite Motion Media decided it would be best to let the voices of the program's staff and participants tell the story in their own words. The participants and staff were interviewed throughout the program and asked to talk about the challenges and successes of the program. The responses were put together to form the narrative and video of the space and community were added in to demonstrate the day to day interaction of the students and exemplify the successes along the way.

Insite Motion Media takes great pride in being the group chosen to produce a piece with such rich, quality content and stands behind the finished product as another example of the how they can deliver the highest quality video content for any organization. Steven Gold, Director of the program stated "the video is amazing" and the Arthur M. Blank Center staff are all excited to have such a quality piece that will tell the story of this extraordinary program for months to come.

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