Things To Consider Before Posting Video To Youtube

September 28th, 2010 | Uncategorized

I recently read a good article about things to consider when posting content to youtube. The article approaches these considerations through the lens of "Corporate Video" but the concepts certainly apply to all content. This post is not to say that youtube should be avoided, it is merely to educate and bring to light certain aspects of video hosting that are unclear, unfamiliar, or unknown altogether. Here are a few interesting considerations.

4 ) Search Cannibalization
There are many theories online that talk about YouTube videos cannibalizing your regular online search results. These theories state that by posting your videos on YouTube, you may be driving traffic to YouTube as opposed to your corporate website. There are plenty of arguments both for and against this theory. We recommend you do some research and come to your own conclusion.

5 ) Competitor Videos
YouTube allows for other videos to be related to yours. This feature can be beneficial or detrimental depending on what the related videos are. If the related videos are from a weak competitor, it may be beneficial to your business. But if the related videos are from a strong competitor, it may be detrimental. YouTube does have an option to turn off related videos, but you’ll need to pay a fee.

8 ) Competitor Advertisements
Similar to the related videos, your competitors can buy ads that will show up when people search for your videos. Again, you can avoid this from happening, but it will cost you.

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