Video Production

Planning and Equipment
There is a great amount of planning that goes into the creation of a High Quality Video Production. Though much of the story is created by you, our client; we ensure that your story or message is translated in the video form. We will work with you to map out what your company is trying to say to your clients and build a story that best ensures delivery of your brand message. Unlike other companies creating video for business, we take a strategic approach to developing video content. Our Video Strategy approach is one where we work with you to assess all of the different applications where your company may benefit from video; we then build the content accordingly. This maximizes the efficiency of the time spent creating video content and ultimately saves our clients money while building out more opportunities for our clients to see a return on their investment.

HD Video
We shoot up to full 1080P resolution video for use on company web sites. This is the highest quality video picture available for the web. Many low cost cameras and video equipment exist for the creation of web video. In some cases, we even recommend these for particular applications but sophisticated technology is required to create a high quality video production. High quality HD cameras, tripod and crane technology as well as engineered slides and dollies are all part of helping create high quality video production. Lighting is the dirty little secret that separates high quality video production from most of what you see online today. No, those movies aren’t just filmed in incredibly dramatic and beautiful locations; they’re professionally lit to look that way. We bring professional talent who understand the importance of shadow filling and see heat temperatures rather than colors of light. This expertise will set your Video a step above the rest.

Editing includes strategic placement of content to build a story as well as the creation of motion graphics that assist in the story’s delivery. There are many avenues for “do-it-yourself” editing that are available online at low or no cost. Professional video editing however is essential for creating the drama and setting the tone for a high quality video production. Our quality is achieved by professional editors who use robust computer operating systems and advanced editing software suites and plug-ins. Professional editing talent is not inexpensive but is essential for achieving the high quality video production you want to represent your brand.

Our completed productions typically run between  2 and 3 minutes long and price out to between about $2,500 and $3,000. As shown above, there are many factors that contribute to the cost. The depth and complexity of any of these areas will determine the final price of each individual project. Insite Motion Media is the lowest cost provider of HD Video Production in the high quality video production market. We are eager to work with any business that is looking to take advantage of the benefits of incorporating high quality video in their web marketing strategy. Our competitive pricing positions us to provide all of the benefits of high quality web video to all companies large and small. At Insite Motion Media, we know that video is the future of Web Development and are eager to help companies jump on board.