Video Hosting

Many video producers find working with high quality online HD video to be challenging due to the file size and large bit rates required, however Insite Motion Media has overcome these challenges by using custom designed video streaming technology that offers both ease of embedding and quick-play response. Our videos are hosted on large powerful servers that remove the buffering wait time as well as avoiding tying up or increasing your site’s need for additional bandwidth. While the connection speed of your end viewer’s internet ultimately determines the final play rate, our video hosting will allow the highest quality video to play with low or no buffering wait times on even the simplest, least advanced websites, and will have no impact on your current website hosting.

In addition to our advanced capabilities in online video streaming technology, our video hosting service is easy to implement as well. The implementation is as simple as copy and paste for any web master or web page creator. Our video can also be implemented in a variety of formats. We recommend .mov with an H.264 codec but many others are available such as, .mov, .mp4, .m4v and many more. The videos created by Insite Motion Media are available to be viewed on various platforms that include smart phones, personal and professional computers (Mac and PC) as well as the new iPad. Wherever your viewers may be watching from globally, our hosting leverages a content delivery network that has international points of presence to ensure quick load and buffer speed all over the world.