Final Product

Seen here is a narrated, Interactive Flash Animation piece created for Pearson K-12 Custom Media Solutions as an overview of the group’s service offerings and products followed by an interactive menu that allows viewers to follow-up the overview with more specific information about each service offering. At the conclusion of the overview or individual service videos, the viewer can select to navigate to the home page of the k-12 Custom media group for more information or navigate directly to the contact portion of the site to speak with someone from Pearson.

Project Management and Collaboration

Effective, high quality animation projects are not simple to execute and require labor and time intensive oversight to ensure they are successful. We worked with our client’s team leaders from all over the US and collaborated with top talent from New York, Texas and India to make the final product happen. Animation projects such as this one require the hands-on expertise of multiple professionals from each core skill set to execute. This project included programming, design, music, and voice professionals to ensure successful development and execution.

Strategic Development

Insite Motion Media developed, proposed, and executed the final strategy for content creation and implementation for this project after discussion with the K-12 Custom Media team. We discussed what the key objectives were for the group as well as their target audience to gain an understanding of their business and help them determine a content creation and implementation strategy that made sense for them. Beyond the content creation, the strategic plan for the project included implementation. It was important to understand and agree upon how the final product would be used and where to fully understand what our client’s team would need for content. The implementation of content is a critical element to developing effective content.

Tracking the Results

The content creation and implementation strategies both considered how the final interactive flash animation piece will utilize back-end analytics for tracking viewer engagement. Because this project includes break-out segments of each service, analytics will be a powerful indicator of which specific service offerings are being most engaged and by who. The project strategy was built to include the ability for tracking each and every viewer and understanding which ones were most engaged by which service offerings.