Process Demonstration

The process demonstration piece was created for SemiGen for integration into the company’s new website being developed by Strand Marketing in Newburyport, MA. SemiGen specializes in the manufacture and testing of PCB technology and it was essential for them to provide a demonstration of the process technology and capabilities to site visitors. As the target market in this case is primarily made up of engineers and technical professionals, the manufacturing process capabilities was a major concern for them. SemiGen wanted their entire process on display on the website.

We shot each of the machines that were involved in the process starting with the first and moving down to the last. We shot each machine and included close ups to give a thorough understanding of the equipment in operation. This was to allow any visitor to the site the ability to see the process and specific equipment used by SemiGen. By providing this right on the home page of the website, they are able to incorporate a large part of their customer education online and develop warm leads very quickly and raise their conversion rate and efficiency.