Learn About Our 5-Step Video Production & Marketing Strategy


Video Marketing

There are two common definitions of video marketing. The first involves marketing your brand, product, or service using video. The second is the marketing of your video itself. To help you market yourself using video, we can create a compelling piece that gives an overview of your company, client testimonial or product description that will tell your story and provide a vessel for your message to be distributed across the web. Once our videos are implemented on your site, we begin the work of executing the video marketing strategy designed near the beginning of our process. We will properly handle each and every individual video piece we’ve created so that search engines will see the video and give your site its maximum attainable SEO value. At the same time, we will leverage video SEO and reach out to each individual research tunnel where you need potential customers to see your product or service in search engine results such as Google. No longer will you need everyone to come to your site to show them all of your products, you can bring your products to them.

We offer the necessary back end analytic tools to help you understand the habits of your viewers and see how engaged your viewers are. Our video analytics will show you each and every viewer’s time spent viewing your video and allow you to track their engagement. You’ll also be able to see the aggregated data over time to help understand traffic spikes in relation to your marketing efforts. This information will be essential to understanding the effectiveness of your video marketing efforts. The combination of video SEO and Video analytics will provide the tools to “close the loop” in your total online marketing efforts and take you to the next level in understanding your site visitors. To learn more, see our Video Analytics and Video SEO pages.