Services and Pricing

We are a Boston-based group of business and media professionals offering the highest quality HD video production available for the web. We specialize in implementing video online and provide organizations with an ROI focused video strategy that is designed to:

  • Increase site traffic
  • Engage and convert site visitors
  • Track and measure the results

Video Services (up to 4 minutes)

Company Overview
Give your potential clients the full story…

Product Overview
Show them what you’re offering…

Product/Service Education
Educate them on exactly what your product is and how simply it works…

Process Demonstration
Let them see the quality in your process…

Company Walk-Through
Guide them through your organization in your own words…

Introduce potential clients to clients who have already experienced your quality…

See Examples of all of these on our Portfolio Page


Content Creation
Because Video Strategy is weaved into every step of our process, our projects are custom created to deliver the highest impact on your business.

Contact US today so we can start discussing your project and how Insite Motion Media can deliver the high quality video and marketing strategy you are looking for.

Heat Mapping and Analytics
All of our videos are equipped with high powered hosting at no additional charge and our full video heat mapping  analytics, SEO and social media tools package costs only $49/month.

Once your video is created and ready to market, we take each organization and marketing effort on a case by case basis. Contact Us today to learn about what could make best sense for your video Marketing effort.

Ready to get on board with Insite Motion Media’s video Strategy but can’t fit it into your existing budget?
We can provide low cost alternatives like our Prezi Videos or implement most any existing content you may have online. Contact Us today to find out how.