Search Engine Optimization (Video SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of your online marketing efforts helping you drive more traffic to your site, and online video production companies have been making great strides in providing tools to add to your online marketing campaign. Properly handled video on your website can drive up the SEO value of your website making it more likely to be found in search engine results. The video can also be found independent of the website in various search results that can give you a greater reach across multiple search keywords to drive traffic to your site.

Often times there is great value in submitting video online to YouTube, however this can sometimes have the undesired effect of driving traffic to your competitor’s videos posted on YouTube as well. Properly handled video can be found in the first page of search engine results from search engines like Google, and this video will be listed from your website and will drive traffic directly to your site, without sending visitors to sites that list your competition. The value of video in search engine algorithms is so strong and growing that in the next few years, companies without properly submitted video content won’t hold high enough value to gain high search results.

At Insite Motion Media, we work with your site and video to ensure that you get the maximum search engine optimization value from your online video. This includes both adding value to your site in search results as well as helping your video be found through searches independently.