Boston Video Production and Marketing Services

Insite Motion Media is a full service Boston video marketing and production
group offering the highest quality HD video production available for the web. We
specialize in implementing video online and providing organizations with a video
strategy that is designed to:

  • Transmit key messages
  • Capture viewer interest
  • Maximize SEO value
  • Track and measure results

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Learn About Our 5-Step Video Production & Marketing Strategy

Video Project Discovery

At Insite Motion Media the creative video process begins with client engagement. Together with the client we discuss and analyze what you want your customers to see or the story you wish to share with them. Our team will then develop a vision on how this can be brought to life in the form of a video production.

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Design Video Strategy

The next step is to look at the big picture and implement a strategy–establishing content that will be used to engage, educate, motivate, or persuade viewers. Whether your Boston video is used for sales presentations, training videos, or web overviews, Insite Motion Media will design clever video strategies designed to stimulate growth and reach viewers.

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Video Production

Unlike other companies that sub-contract video production workers, our team of capable industry professionals goes on location to capture the content that’s needed to create a compelling piece for your organization. We keep our Boston video production work in house to ensure that all of our work, big or small, meets the top quality we are committed to delivering.

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The story is being built and taking shape, and now the editing process begins. Working closely with our clients, we work on providing them with a video just the way they envisioned or even better. The editing process is the key to delivering the final product, and we use expert tools, software, and professionals with a trained eye to fine-tune the details that will provide a message with a significant impact.

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Video Marketing

Marketing yourself using video is essential to creating a significant SEO presence, so let us create a compelling piece that will be used as the vessel for your message to be distributed across the web. We establish methods so that search engines will see the video and give your site its maximum attainable SEO value. At the same time, we leverage your video SEO and find research tunnels where you need potential customers to see your product or service in search engines such as Google.

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